Reviews for “Rigged”

“…it is Daisy Whyte as Nathan’s illiterate and broken mother who really shines, instilling her body and voice with the weariness and cynicism of one for whom life has been an eternal struggle. The sequence where she seamlessly switches accents whilst re-enacting a confrontation with a snooty headmistress is truly electrifying.”
James Fritz,

“Whyte’s strong performance makes much of Kathy’s insecurities and anxieties…”
Susan Elkin, The Stage

“Incredibly poignant, and the fulcrum of the play, is the scene in which Nathan’s mum Kathy (Daisy Whyte) re-enacts her visit to the school headmistress”
Maddy Royle, Remotegoat

“…fine performances all round…”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian